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Master in Contemporary Arts Practice & Dissemination (MACAPD)

The Institut del Teatre of Barcelona is taking the coordination of the third edition of the Master in Contemporary Arts Practice & Dissemination - MACAPD, as a degree from next year: a 60 ECTS first year with a program of studies of two semesters (October 2012 - June 2013), and a 30 ECTS second optional and selective year with a research and mobility program of one semester (November 2013 - May 2014), resulting in a theoretical and practical final project.

The MACAPD focuses on body based education training and research in the areas of writing, visual arts, performance, theatre, choreography, theory and curatorial. It proposes a critical approach towards the media of production, cultural context and dissemination based on the practice-led experience of the students.

The MACAPD is aimed at all those with an emerging or professional practice, capable of performing and reporting about projects having the body as its central axis. Consideration will be given to both academic qualifications and professional experience in body-based artistic practices and research using media and supports such as video, writing, drawing, sound, motion capture (new technologies), archiving and documentation.


The MACAPD emphasises learning technologies and their ability to promote new methodologies that facilitate the study and practice of contemporary arts. The MACAPD addresses theoretical research and contemporary arts practice through an interdisiciplinary program of postgraduate degree level focused on research, documentation, dissemination, curation, editing, and the practice of contemporary arts within cultural and social contexts.

The present MACAPD program of studies, offered by the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, proposes a reflection on the positioning of the body based contemporary arts practices in relation to the cultural, political and social contexts; and to study how the interdisciplinary strategies inhabit and shape those contexts. The MACAPD proposes a broad notion of the arts practice, their production and dissemination, within an active and critical framework.

The optional Second Year Program has been designed for professionals and researchers wishing to extend their own practice and research on the body in subjects relating to the artistic creation, dissemination, publication, editing, documentation, and social and cultural contexts.


The MACAPD is a practice led research and study program with 30 teaching weeks during a First Year and three integrated modules of 60 ECTS (from October to June) that include tutorials, a Gathering, lectures, seminars, workshops and a paper of 5.000 to 8.000 words; and a Second Optional Year of 30 ECTS with one single module of 8 weeks of attendance at the coordinating institution which includes tutorials, a gathering and the preparation of the final project, and a supervised research and independent practice period (from December through February) outside the coordinating institution. The degree of 'Master in Contemporary Arts Practice & Dissemination' requires a minimum of 60 ECTS of the curriculum and practices of the 1 Year. The MACAPD offers as well an optional Second Year of independent applied research based on the fellow student's proposal to be assessed and validated by an examining board at the end of the First Year. At the end of the Second Year, the fellow student will get a Master degree in Contemporary Arts Practice & Dissemination at the Theatre Institute of 90 ECTS by means of a public project presentation and a dissertation of 12.000 to 15.000 words. An external examination committee will assess and mark each part of the final project.

The objectives of the final project are:

  • Self-initiate a research project related to practice, production and dissemination of the artistic processes.
  • Self-develop criteria for assessing and deepening the professional practice of each fellow participant. This will be a determining factor for assessing the final project of the Master (30 ECTS).
  • Relate theoretical and critical research with artistic practice.

Assessment system by modules

First Year: June integrated assessment (60 ECTS) of three modules:

MODULE 101 - Self-evaluation methodologies [10 ECTS]: Shared assessment of each fellow student's arts practice related to collaboration and interdisciplinarity issues (group discussions, seminars, workshops, presentations).

MODULE 102: Theoretical texts and performative artistic practices [25 ECTS]: Partial assessment of a 5.000 to 8.000-word essay (tutorials, presentations, lectures, assignments).

MODULE 103: Research Methodologies [25 ECTS]: Assessment of each fellow student artistic practice framed within methodologies of research, case studies, papers and seminars.

Second Optional Year: November, presentation and revision of the research project in the frame of the 1 Year Gathering. March, revision and feed-back of the research period (December - February) of each fellow student by the direction board and the academic coordination: final project proposal complemented by the presentation of a documented report and research methodologies developed during that period.

MODULE 200: Practical and written research [30 ECTS, ratio of practical to written research: 10/15/20 ECTS]: May, final assessment and marks by a commission formed by the direction, the academic coordination and external examiners.


English. A good command of spoken and written English is required. Ability to consult and research bibliographical works and data in English.

The thesis of the Master's final project corresponding to Module 200 (2 Year) and the paper corresponding to Module 102 (1 Year) are to be presented in English, and eventually in Catalan or Spanish.

Degree and cost

Master's Degree awarded by the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona

  • 1st Year, 60 ECTS: €4,000
  • 2nd Year, 30 ECTS: €4,000

Number of places

  • The 1 Year of the MACAPD offers a minimum of 14 places and a maximum of 16 places.
  • The Optional and Selective 2 Year of the MACAPD offers a maximum of 8 places.

Application, Selection, Pre-registration and Registration

  • The Selection process of the 1 Year of the MACAPD: will be made according to an accredited academic degree, a professional CV, a letter of intentions, and a good accredited level of written and spoken English. This process will close by 29 June 2012.
  • Selection results: will be sent by email to all applicants by 3 July 2012.
  • Pre-registration deadline: by 13 July 2012, €500 should be transferred to the bank account indicated in the pre-registration form that, once completed, should be sent by e-mail to Dr. Mercè Saumell, or personally delivered at the Academic Office of the Institut del Teatre / Plaça Margarida Xirgu, s/n. 08004 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
  • Registration deadline: by 25 July 2012, the 1 Year's full Fee amount should have been transferred to the same bank account.

Download the pre-registration form for 2012 - 2013.


Toni Cots

Academic coordination:

Dr. Mercè Saumell

Head of International Relations:

Jeffrey Sichel


Dr. Ric Allsopp

Alexis Eupierre

Dr. Marina Garcés

Dr. Bojana Kunst

Dr. Lluís Masgrau

Dr. Roc Parès

Montse Romaní

Toni Serra

Carme Torrent


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